The 10 Best Coffee Shops in Sydney

March 18, 2021

Are you in desperate need of high-quality coffee while staying in Sydney?

Maybe you’ve got a long day of sightseeing ahead of you, or you’re just feeling incredibly jetlagged. It doesn’t matter what the reason is. Sometimes you just need a big cup of joe to start your day.

Luckily, there’s no shortage of coffee stores in Sydney. But how do you know the right one to go to? After all, a bad coffee not only starts your day off on the wrong foot, but it also leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

Don’t settle for a brew inside the hotel lobby. Make your way to one of these venues if you need the perfect coffee to start your day.

1. Regiment

Regiment Coffee, Sydney

Whether you’re looking for a cute brunch spot or a coffee on the go, Regiment can cater to your needs. They serve both hot and cold brews and provide alternative milk options such as soy and almond if you need them. The menu also features a divine affogato. If you want your coffee on a hot summer’s day in Sydney, then why not combine it with a scoop of organic coconut ice cream. It’s sure to perk you up and cool you down.

2. Paramount Coffee Project

Paramount Coffee Project

You don’t want to get too attached to a specific type of bean at the Paramount Coffee Project. The venue rotates them on a regular basis through a blind tasting process. This is so you only sip high-quality coffee with plenty of flavor. There are also some food options available to accompany your cup of joe, including a bacon and egg roll, avocado on toast, and fried chicken waffle if you need some hangover food.

3. Single O

Single O
Single O, Sydney

This establishment is all about beans and dreams. The team takes their coffee very seriously and has sourced, sampled, and tweaked their technique so every cup they provide tastes better than you imagined. They treat their food the same way and offer a menu full of fresh ingredients that are the perfect pairing for your morning coffee. You can find Single O in the CBD, but they also have a café in Surry Hills, which is a five-minute drive away.

4. The Rocks Café

The Rocks Café, Sydney

If you find yourself down at The Rocks, then make sure to stop by this café for a fresh cup of coffee. The building might look like something out of the 1920s, but the food and drinks are as fresh as can be. There’s even a great space to sit back, relax, and watch the ferries transport the workers on Sydney harbor. They also feature an extensive collection of famous cakes on display that will tempt you while you wait for your coffee to brew.

5. Gumption

Gumption, Sydney

It might look a little weird the way the baristas at Gumption make your coffee. But trust them. They know what they’re doing. They’ve studied many different techniques to get the most flavor out of every bean they roast. The materials are grown locally using innovative methods to deliver a smell and taste, unlike any other coffee. Gumption doesn’t just want your coffee to perk you up. It wants to put a smile on your face with every sip that you take.

6. Brickfields

Brickfields, Sydney

While Brickfields is one of the most popular bakeries in Sydney, they’re also known for the incredible coffee they serve too. They know that the best pairing for one of their sweet or savory pastries is a cup of their high-quality coffee. Feel free to dine in and breathe in the glorious smells of the bakery or grab your coffee and go so you don’t fall into temptation. Whichever you choose, you’ll leave Brickfields with an amazing cup of joe.

7. Mecca Coffee

Mecca Coffee, Sydney

If you think you love coffee, then you’ve never been to Mecca Coffee. The team here adore the beans they brew and have a fantastic sense of pride with every cup they serve. They also go as far as to honor the people that have provided them with the materials to make the drinks. You can stop by and grab a coffee to go, or you can sit and relax in their fantastic venue and treat yourself to one of the delightful meals.

8. Pablo & Rusty’s

Pablo & Rusty’s, Sydney

Not only do Pablo & Rusty’s provide delicious hot coffee, but they’re also a carbon-neutral business. The team is responsible when it comes to sourcing sustainable materials and invest in tree planting. Even the factory is run on solar energy. None of these initiatives have a negative impact on the coffee. In fact, it’s remained one of the most popular coffee houses in Sydney that it’s since expanded its operations around the world.

9. Skittle Lane

Skittle Lane, Sydney

It doesn’t matter if you’re located in the Sydney CBD or hanging out at Bondi Beach. You can get your coffee fix at Skittle Lane. The team cultivates their own beans and even sells them to other venues around the city. If you adore their coffee, then you can even purchase some accessories and beans for yourself. Not only is caffeine addictive, but so is Skittle Lane’s coffee. That’s why they also offer a subscription service, so you never run out of their beans.

10. Café Kentaro

Café Kentaro Sydney

The spectacular brunch menu featuring brekkie burgers and crab omelets might be what attracts you to Café Kentaro. But it will be the coffee that will keep you coming back. One sniff of the aroma, and you’ll be hooked. The café serves piping hot joe that will help wake you up as well as iced coffees that will keep you cool while you wander the streets of Sydney. If you need more than one shot to wake you up, the baristas will happily oblige.

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