The Very Best German Food in Singapore

July 22, 2021

Have you got a craving for some authentic German cuisine?

It could be a big, fat, juicy bratwurst or a delightfully petite apple strudel. Maybe it’s a crunchy, golden schnitzel with a side of sauerkraut. Whatever it may be, you need some German delicacies immediately.

But then you remember you’re in Singapore. Europe isn’t exactly around the corner, so what are the chances that you’ll find some quality German food here? Surprisingly, it’s pretty high.

Singapore hosts flavors from around the world and serves up world-class dishes that cater to any craving. So where can you find the best German food? There’s no need to interrupt the concierge for recommendations. Just make a booking at one of these fine establishments.

The Lokal

The Lokal, Singapore

The name of this restaurant is German for local eatery, and there is plenty to eat here no matter what time of day you decide to visit.

The Lokal offers high-quality barista coffee with plenty of alternative milk options so everyone can get their morning fix. They also serve up an array of German comfort food dishes for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner.

You can also stop by on the way home for a refreshing German nightcap. They have several pilsners on tap as well as cocktails and wines for you to indulge in after a long day of walking around the city.

Hans Im Gluck

Hans Im Gluck

There’s nothing like biting into a great hamburger. But have you ever had the pleasure of dining on a German burger? Well, now you can at Hans Im Gluck.

The fresh ingredients available seem endless. If you’re not a beef burger fan, there are other options, including chicken breast, vegetarian, and vegan patties. Then throw in some feta cheese, fig jam, grilled vegetables, or parmesan cheese. There’s even a bunless option available that tastes just as good.

There are four locations around Singapore where you can try a German burger. You can also get some authentic German refreshments if you need something to wash down your meal.



If you’ve ever frequented a German beer hall, then you’ll feel right at home at Brotzeit. It features a warm, welcoming environment where you can dine on authentic German cuisine and indulge in some of their world-famous beer.

There are four locations around Singapore featuring favorites such as pork knuckles, giant sausages, and even wiener schnitzel. There’s even a dessert range that includes one of the most divine chocolate cakes you’ll ever taste.

While delivery and takeaway options are available, nothing beats sitting in the Brotzeit German beer hall enjoying good food and great vibes. So make sure to stop by while you’re out and about in Singapore.

Stuttgart Blackforest Boutique

Stuttgart Blackforest Boutique

Germany is famous for its desserts. From decadent chocolate creations to their light, fluffy, and crusty pastries, it’s the ultimate indulgence for anyone with a sweet tooth.

The Stuttgart Blackforest Boutique put their signature dish in the title of their café. Their black forest cake is famous in Singapore, as is their fantastic coffee, which makes for the perfect accompaniment.

Even the décor has a classic German vibe. The black and white bungalow is both modern and elegant and the perfect place to savor the taste of every bite of your chocolate delight.



It’s no secret that Germans love their beer. This indulgence is celebrated at the Brauhaus, where dozens of beverages are available on tap from both Germany and around the world.

There is also an extensive menu featuring soups, steaks, seafood, and many other German specialties to accompany your beer stein. The Brauhaus even offers some local Singapore delicacies if you’re looking for something a little different to snack on.

Fantastic beer from around the world, delicious German cuisine, and an excellent venue featuring pool tables and live music. There’s no reason not to add the Brauhaus to your itinerary while you’re in Singapore.

Paulaner Brauhaus

Paulaner Brauhaus

Before you leave the country, you need to make sure that you stop by Singapore’s only German microbrewery. Paulaner Brauhaus sources the best ingredients from Munich and develops its own premium beers locally.

Even the interior has an authentic German feel. It will seem like you’ve walked into a local brewhouse in Germany. The smells from the hops used to brew the beers and scents coming from the kitchen will complete the illusion for you.

It feels like Oktoberfest every day at the Paulaner Brauhaus, and it’s a venue that consistently provides an unforgettable experience for both beer lovers and designated drivers alike.

Der Biergarten

Der Biergarten

You really need to keep your eyes open for Der Biergarten. It’s tucked away in Prinsep Place in a tiny, quiet corner. While it’s small, you need to bring a big appetite.

There are plenty of large dishes to indulge in, including the Guinness beef cheek, chicken schnitzel, and the roast pork knuckle. While your meal is cooking, you can enjoy a game of pool or sit back and listen to the live band.

Der Biergarten doesn’t open until 4 pm. So it’s the perfect place to stop by after a long day of sightseeing and when you’re craving a big German feast.

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