The 24 Best Places to Eat in Miami

January 20, 2021

Miami has a lot of everything – beaches, bars, nightclubs, corner pubs, shops, and food trucks. Finding the hidden gems over the pricy tourist traps is no easy feat. So check out below our 24 Best Places to Eat in Miami for the best fine dining, dive bars, casual eats, and more.


Semilla, Miami
The classic pot au feu at your neighbourhood French Bistro, Semilla

Coined your neighborhood French Bistro, Semilla is so much more than this. The concept, and cooking style, are both simple - using fresh and high-quality ingredients for their flavors with little to no enhancement. Dishes include fresh oysters, organic soups & salads, pan-seared fish, and homemade french specials like beef tartare and boeuf bourguignon (rigatoni pasta). What sets this restaurant apart from your average neighborhood bistro is the chef and owner Frederic Joulin's passion and experience of ensuring every meal is simple yet delicious. We recommend booking a table for happy hour, which runs from 4 to 8 pm each day, to sample their incredible wine list and tasty bites!

J Wakefield Brewing

J Wakefield Brewing
Unique beers & casual eats at J Wakefield Brewing

There's no shortage of breweries in Miami's art district, Wynwood, but even with stiff competition, J Wakefield Brewing tops the list. If you enjoy stepping out of the norm and tasting unexpected yet satisfying beers - this is your place. John, the mastermind behind the unique beers started with a simple beer kit at home back in 2005 and since has won multiple awards for his Berliner Weisse 'Miami Madness' and his DFPF. The taproom is just as full of character as the beers, with Star Wars themed murals, 15 beer taps, and food trucks picked especially to match the flavors on tap.

Caja Caliente

Caja Caliente in Miami
The best tacos in Miami? You bet. Plus alot more at Caja Caliente in Miami

Awarded the best tacos in Florida and for good reason, Caja Caliente knows how to fascinate your tastebuds. Starting as a tiny food truck with an even smaller grill, chef and owner Mika brought her Cuban roots to play as she handcrafted 'The Original Cuban Tacos' - a 7-inch flour tortilla with 3oz of perfectly cooked protein. A larger food truck now stands in its place with an unassuming yet vibrant covered outdoor courtyard, you can easily say they take Taco Tuesday up a notch. Even if tacos aren't your go-to.. Caja Caliente will change your mind.

Orange Blossom

Orange Blossom Miami
Expertly crafted dishes await at Orange Blossom Miami

Named after a luxurious train that connected New York to Miami in 1890, Orange Blossom stays true to its history to provide traditional Miami food with unique inspiration from around the United States. Whether you’re after a simple Avocado Toast for brunch, an American classic Turkey Club Sandwich, or their signature Seafood Risotto, you’ll be amazed at how they can take a simple dish and pack it with flavor. Their cozy back patio completes the charm, and as Orange Blossom is located just down the road from Collins Park, it’s the ideal place to dine then enjoy a peaceful walk.

Bâoli Miami

Bâoli, Miami
Made to order sushi is just one of the specialities at Bâoli, Miami

With a tag line of ‘Have dinner and stay for the party’, Baoli Miami is known for its tantalizing Asian flavors equally as much as its European style of partying. Located in South Beach, you can begin your night with gourmet cuts of meat, fresh seafood platters, or a lighter option of made-to-order sushi. Once darkness settles in, the venue transforms into an energized table-top dancing club with world-renowned DJ’s playing well into the night. The prices may be higher than your average Miami restaurant, but the quality, service, and attention to detail are well worth it.

The Mighty

Mighty, Miami
The mightily awesome guava white chocolate burger at The Mighty, Miami

With an abundance of bars in Miami to pick from, it's difficult to decide which one is a cut above the rest. The Mighty, a tiny neighborhood bar, is certainly one to add to your list. They've taken your dark, corner gastro-pub and added a fresh and exciting contemporary atmosphere. With their abundance of hard to find craft beers on tap, famous homemade sausages, and stiff drink cocktails, we can guarantee you'll be back to try more. Located on Coral Way, it's the ideal spot to refresh and cool down after a big day at the beach.

Blue Collar

Blue Collar Miami
A warm welcome is guaranteed at Blue Collar Miami

A friendly restaurant located in the historic MiMo district of Miami, Blue Collar is a lovely place for an easy, hearty, and delicious lunch or dinner. 70's in theme and flavors that'll take you back to your mother's kitchen, they do comfort food, and they do comfort food well. From your classic Chicken Parmesan, Mac and Cheese, Shrimp & Grits to more unique twists on their signature 'The Corben' and Braised Brisket - you'll always leave feeling well fed and looked after. With limited space and many loyal customers, it's recommended to book in advance!

Icebox Cafe

Icebox Cafe, Miami
Fresh quality food and classic cocktails await at Icebox Cafe, Miami

Known just as much for its intriguing atmosphere as its food, each of the three Icebox Cafe's in Miami brings its own unique fun and flavor to the restaurant scene. With a tropical art deco theme and fresh, quality food to match, not only will you love the menu, but you'll also find you're happy to simply sit and enjoy a cocktail as you unwind from the day. On the menu, you'll find they cater to many styles, without giving up their promise of thoughtfully crafted dishes. From their Wasabi-Crusted Salmon and Mediterranean Shrimp to their signature Smoked Turkey Reuben, you'll be hard-pressed to choose just one main.

Strada in the Grove

Strada in the Grove, Miami
Classic Italian and a wide range of wines at Strada in the Grove

Enjoying the history, energy, and lush greenery of Coconut Grove is a must-do when visiting Miami, and after a long day of shopping and exploring the hidden gems of the neighborhood, Strada in the Grove is an ideal place for a relaxing dinner. You'll immediately love the open and charming atmosphere as you ponder which of the 100 unique wines you'd like to sample. If you're having trouble, simply ask one of their knowledgeable servers which wine pairs best with your choice of a delicious classic Italian meal. Make sure you save room for one of their indulging dessert wines too.

Chill-N Nitrogen Ice Cream Aventura

Chill-N Nitrogen Ice Cream
Ice Cream made to order and frozen right on front of you, Chill-N Nitrogen Ice Cream Aventura

The first thing that comes to your mind when you think ice cream may not be science, but Chill-N Nitrogen Ice Cream has taken this frozen dessert to the next level. Made to order and frozen right in front of you, this new age ice cream is the perfect blend of smooth, creamy, and tasty. Crafting your own style is just as fun as indulging as you pick your base from ice cream, yogurt, coconut milk, or tart yogurt, then choose your ice cream flavor followed by your mix in. Located on Biscayne Blvd in North Miami, it's almost too easy to grab a scoop and head to the beach.

Finka Table & Tap

Finka Table & Tap, Miami
Cuban, Peruvian and Korean combine at Finka Table & Tap

Finka Table & Tap is an excellent place to step out of your comfort zone and try something new on the menu. Boasting Cuban inspired dishes with a mix of Peruvian and Korean inspiration, you'll be amazed how they can turn classic dishes into mouth-watering masterpieces. Think Seafood Ceviche, Cuban Fried Rice, Prosciutto Pizza, and Smoked Brisket with Scallions. Match this wilth communal tables, brick walls, and old-school cocktails, and you'll feel like you've stepped right out of Miami into Cuba. Plus, as Finka Table & Tap is located on the Western edge of Miami, it's the perfect place to stop after exploring Everglades National Park.

Ball & Chain

Ball & Chain Miami
Tapas, burger, Cuban classics and amazing cocktails at Ball & Chain Miami

Step back in time to the lively 1950s as you enter Ball & Chain's restored jazz era nightclub. With as much character and live music as delicious tapas, Cuban classics, and award-winning cocktails - it's easy to see why this bar draws crowds of locals and visitors alike. You'll lose track of time as the Latin and Cuban tunes pour off the stage and dancing emerges throughout the restaurant. Located in Little Havana, the history of the bar and area are deep-rooted and ensure a genuine Cuban atmosphere.

Beaker & Gray

Beaker & Gray
Amazing small bites and entrees to accompany the award winning cocktails

The name says it all - Beaker referring to a mixing tool used by bartenders and Grey referring to a serving spoon, Beaker & Gray focuses equally on its high-quality menu and cocktail list. The hidden gem though is their knowledgeable staff who know the menu like the back of their hand and know exactly which cocktail you should try next. While their menu remains casual, don't be fooled as their small bites and grilled entrees alike will make you want to come back time and time again. Their happy hour runs from 5 pm to 7 pm Wednesday through Sunday, making it a superb place to enjoy a drink and nibble before hitting the town.

El Vez Fort Lauderdale

El Vez in Fort Lauderdale
Snapper Ceviche, range of nachos and quesadillas are just a few of the offerings at El Vez in Fort Lauderdale

Located in Fort Lauderdale steps from the beach, El Vez shouts a good time. Stocking way too many types of tequila to name and an array of flavorful margaritas, we recommend ditching the car and embracing the vibrant atmosphere that’ll sweep you up. Their drinks aren’t everything though, when hunger strikes, their Snapper Ceviche, range of nachos and quesadillas, and variety of tacos will keep you energized through the night without weighing you down. Happy hour runs Monday through Friday, 4 pm to 7 pm, and with 5$ margaritas, it’s not one to miss!

The Tank Brewing Co.

The Tank Brewing Co. Miami
Tail on yellow tail snapper, crunchy house-made coleslaw and captains secret sauce at The Tank Brewing Co.

Located near the Miami International Airport, The Tank Brewing Co. is a great spot to start your vacation or to sneak away from the crowds. Both the taproom and brewery are spacious, set in a true industrial style atmosphere that allows you to watch the complete brewing process. Opened recently in 2016, The Tank Brewing Co. has quickly won over the crowds both for its entertainment and world-renowned beers. Whether you’re keen for a full tour or would just like to spend the afternoon sipping cold beer while playing one of their many lawn style games, it’s easy to see why this brewery is featuring on the world map.

Ted's Hideaway

Ted's Hideaway, Miami
A great spot for a beer and some wings, Ted's Hideaway, Miami

Deemed one of the last standing true dive bars in Miami, Ted’s Hideaway is an ideal place to escape the heat and buzz of the city. Enjoy a cold beer while watching whichever game is on TV or shooting a game of pool. Nearly the entire outside is painted a barbie doll pink, and with a purple fluorescent name sign, you know you’re in the right place as you trade in the luxurious South of Fifth streets for an unassuming and potentially closed-looking hideaway. Locals and tourists alike appreciate the cheap drinks, cheap food, and guaranteed good times.

Pilo's Street Tacos

Pilo's Street Tacos
Pilo's Street Tacos is great for a quick bite in Bricknel

Craving delicious and fresh Mexican food but not wanting to break the bank? Pilo’s Street Tacos is your place. A small yet flavor punching street-front restaurant in Brickell, it’s a great place to grab a quick bite. They keep things simple, sticking to tacos, burritos, and quesadillas – and doing them well. Also, with dine-in or take out options, it’s an easy grab on your way back to your hotel or to the beach. Even if you weren’t ready for lunch, the savory smells and fun shop front is sure to draw you in.

Mike's At Venetia

Mike's At Venetia
Expect a friendly welcome and great food at Mike's At Venetia

As soon as you walk through the doors, you can tell Mike’s At Venetia is a well-loved family run and operated sports bar. Voted one of 'America’s Best Sports Bars', they keep things simple with classic bar food served throughout the day and appetizers that go perfect with their tap beer selection. What sets Mike’s apart from your average franchise sports bar is their promise of friendly service and a warm atmosphere. You’ll find locals from near and far coming to downtown Miami to feel like part of the family!


Navé, Miami
Great food in an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere at Navé, Miami

An elegant, sophisticated, and modern restaurant located in Coconut Grove, Navé seamlessly brings together seafood and pasta to create palate-pleasing masterpieces. If you're looking to slow down and enjoy a peaceful evening out, while also indulging in the variety of cuisines on offer in Miami, Navé should be on your list. Their flavor-packed Crab and Saffron Spaghetti will change your mind about this simple dish forever, and their Raw Bar with oysters, scallops, and lobster on offer is the perfect way to tease your tastebud about what's to come. If you can manage to save room for dessert, don't resist as their unique twists on classic American favorites are to die for.

Oh! Mexico

Oh! Mexico
Real authentic mexican food at Oh! Mexico

You can't argue with Tripadvisor, whose users claim the three best reasons to eat at Oh! Mexico is because they have the best margaritas in Miami Beach, their epic Taco Tuesdays, and their large and in charge chips and guacamole. What really draws in the crowds though is their promise of real and authentic Mexican food. No fusions or modern twists here, just good ole classic tacos. Plus, located just minutes from South Beach and offering a stunning outdoor sitting area, it's hard not to feel like you've stumbled upon a busy Mexican fiesta!

7 Spices Restaurant & Hookah Lounge

7 Spices Restaurant & Hookah Lounge
Intimate and relaxing with a great choice of light bites at 7 Spices Restaurant & Hookah Lounge

It's easy to spend an entire evening at 7 Spices Restaurant & Hookah Lounge. Between sampling their delightful eastern Mediterranean fare, sipping on their creative cocktails, listening to live bands, and awing your taste buds with one of their many unique flavored handmade hookahs - it's easy for the time to slip away. Located on Lincoln Road, no matter the hour, you'll always find a lovely buzz about the place. Also, with their relaxed atmosphere, spacious outdoor seating, and intimate Hookah Lounge, you'll never feel rushed out the door.

Lolo's Surf Cantina

Lolo's Surf Cantina, Miami
Try the Shakshuka acommpanied with a cold sharp mimosa at Lolo's Surf Cantina

When the hunger strikes and you're not ready to trade in your swimsuit for something fancier, Lolo's Surf Cantina is a great spot to grab a snack and a cold drink. Located just steps from 3rd Street Beach, you'll find a small, yet lively, cantina complete with an outdoor patio that's excellent for sharing their simple Mexican dishes. Serving family-style will large dishes made to share, the food comes fast, the bill seems too small, and the friendly staff will always ensure you're looked after. While there may plenty of Taco Tuesdays already on your list, it's hard to beat Lolo's 3$ tequila shots and half-priced tacos.

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