The 16 Best Restaurants In Amsterdam For 2021

March 04, 2021

With a melting pot of ethnicities and enough restaurants to match, you can find just about every type of cuisine in Amsterdam. Check out our list of ‘The 16 Best Restaurants in Amsterdam’ and start planning a mouth-watering vacation! Breakfast, lunch, or dinner – you’ll be spoiled for choice! As of 2021 there are 16 restaurants in Amsterdam holding a Michelin star, quite a feat for a city of this size. We've looked across every type of cuisine and dining style, from sweet treats and pancakes to fine dining and local delicacies to bring you a range of the best restaurants in Amsterdam, and something to suit every taste and budget.

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Blauw - Best For Amazing Indonesian

Blauw, Amsterdam
The rijsttafel is a mouth-watering multicourse meal, served on small plates, featuring a choice of meat, fish, and vegetables

Voted the best Indonesian restaurant in the Netherlands by the New York Times, and widely considered to be one of the best restaurants in Amsterdam, it is easy to see why Blauw has built up a hugely loyal following in the city. Blauw offers an a la carte menu, or opt for the Indonesian banquet, the rijsttafel. The rijsttafel is a mouth-watering multicourse meal, served on small plates, featuring a choice of meat, fish, and vegetables (a vegetable only option is also available).

Favourites on the a la carte menu include ikan kembung (a delicious mackerel dish) and gulai domba (succulent lamb cooked with curry and cinnamon).

Giant black and white photographs adorn the walls, with warm reds giving a cosy and intimate feel. The atmosphere is relaxed, and the staff are friendly.

Blauw is popular with locals and tourists alike. The cocktails are top quality, and the wine list is extensive, with plenty of affordable options. For an authentic Indonesian experience, opt for an Indonesian Bintang Beer.

Restaurant Floreyn – For New Dutch Cuisine

Restaurant Floreyn
The stunning desserts available from Restaurant Floreyn in Amsterdam

Finding true and authentic Dutch cuisine can strangely be a challenge in Amsterdam. However, chef and Floreyn restaurant owner Jasper had his mind set to change this when he crafted an incredible menu offering dishes overflowing with ingredients right from the Dutch land and sea. The atmosphere of Restaurant Floreyn remains casual but the food coming out of the kitchen is anything but. With every dish a unique masterpiece, you’ll be very pleasantly surprised at every plate that lands on your table. Restaurant Floreyn may not be the cheapest option on this list, but we can promise, it’s great value for your euro!

Polaberry - Best For Sweet Treats

Polaberry Amterdam
Indulge your sweet tooth at Polaberry in Amsterdam

For a dessert that looks as good as it tastes, head to Polaberry for a late afternoon coffee and a treat. Opened only a couple of years ago, Polaberry has taken Instagram by storm and now is one of the most 'Instagrammable cafes in Amsterdam'. Don't let the pretty chocolate covered strawberries and cake pops fool you though, bite into one, and you'll understand why the freshly made desserts sell out in no time. To combat the sugar rush you'll soon have to grab yourself a coffee and head down to the canal to enjoy a peaceful afternoon stroll.

The Pancake Bakery – Best For Breakfast

The Pancake Bakery Amsterdam
Great breakfast choices available at The Pancake Bakery in Amterdam

One of the best things about being on vacation is the luxury of treating yourself to a big sit-down breakfast, and one of our favorites breakfast spots in Amsterdam is The Pancake Bakery located in one of the old warehouses along the Prinsengracht. As the name suggests, the place is everything pancakes and has more options than you could get through in a lifetime. Everything from Thai-inspired pancakes, Norwegian-inspired pancakes filled with salmon and cream cheese, to your traditional sweet pancakes filled with fruit, chocolate, and ice cream. No matter what you're in the mood for, you'll find it on a pancake!

Kattencafé Kopjes – Best For Animal Lovers

Kattencafé Kopjes
Spend some time with our furry friends at Kattencafé Kopjes in Amsterdam

Topping the list of the best restaurants in Amsterdam for animal lovers is Kattencafé Kopjes. Tucked into an unannounced side street in the De Baarsjes region of Amsterdam is any animal lovers must-visit, Kattencafé Kopjes. A crowdfunded Cat Cafe that rivals the famous ones in New York and Paris, this quaint restaurant has the perfect blend of tasty food, cozy seating, tasteful and playful artwork, and of course, cats! If you're one who has hesitations about dining with furry friends, don't worry, the place is wonderfully clean and the cats aren't overly in need of attention. As there's a limit to how many human visitors can enter at a time, it's best to reserve your time slot in advance.

Café de Dokter - Best Place for Whisky & Beer

Café de Dokter, Amsterdam
The cosy interior of Café de Dokter in amsterdam

Transport back to a simpler time as you sip aged whisky and listen to classy jazz in Amsterdam’s smallest cafe, Cafe de Dokter. Known more for its range of beer, house wine, and whisky tastings than food, their smoked ox sausage topped with soured onions and gherkins will not disappoint. At only 18 square meters, this late 18th-century cafe and tasting room keeps things simple. The 6th generation owners have embraced the traditions of the cafe to ensure everyone feels like a local as they sit down to one of the establishment's 4 tables. Just finding the place is an experience of its own!

Bar Fisk Amsterdam - Best For Trying Something New

Polenta chips
The delicious polenta chips from Bar Fisk in Amsterdam

Fisk - meaning fish in Scandinavian, may not seem wholly inviting, but we guarantee you'll be wowed by the lively, personable, and warm atmosphere of Bar Fisk. Famous for its casual Tel Aviv food market mood, diners will always feel like they've stumbled across a hidden gem as they step foot into the buzzing restaurant, complete with a charming terrace to enjoy the long summer daylight hours. It's not a problem if you're not a huge fan of fish either, Bar Fisk also serves up incredible vegetarian and meat dishes, each with mouth-watering spices and fresh ingredients.

Café Luxembourg - Best For People Watching

Café Luxembourg
A warm welcome awaits at Café Luxembourg in Amsterdam

Located right in the heart of the city and with tasty and reasonably priced breakfast, lunch, and dinner specials, Cafe Luxembourg is the perfect spot to hang out and watch the world go by. Their menu boasts classic cuisine of French brasserie-style with a renewed Dutch twist - think an array of sandwiches, soups, and a variety of croquettes. Make sure you don't miss out on their famous bitterballen, a Dutch style meatball that goes perfect with beer. There's no wrong time to settle in at Cafe Luxembourg, just be sure to sit with your back facing the restaurant for the best people-watching views.

Deer Mama – Best For Vegan Food

Deer Mama vegan restaurant
A great selection fof vegan food available at Deer Mama

Vegan or not, you'll love Deer Mama’s Mylk and Burger Bar in the city center of Amsterdam. Just one look at their menu and you know you'll be back to try more. From reconstructed classics like the BBQ Bash Burger and Mama's Doubly Cheesy, to mouth-watering indulgences like Fried Chicken & Waffles and the Galaxy Pancake Stack. Nothing hits the spot better than a late afternoon boozy milkshake and drinking their Drunken Pumpkin Milkshake in their pinked out burger style setup is any 90s lovers dream come true!

Vuurtoreneiland – Best For A Unique Dining Experience

Vuurtoreneiland Restaurant
A unique dining experience awaits at Vuurtoreneiland

Dining at Vuurtoreneiland is a rather unique full evening experience that takes you to a small island off the coast of Durgerdam. The dining journey begins as you board the boat from Lloyd Hotel dock and enjoy a cheese board on a 1-hour cruise to the island. Once docked, guests have time to wander the grounds before settling in at the greenhouse eatery. The entire evening is an enchanting event and the local and fresh produce, meat, and fish fit perfectlywith the wild environment. The service is friendly and the wine list is top class. If this experience sounds like your kind of evening, do make sure you book in advance!

Moon – Best For Dining With a View

The Moon Revolving Restaurant
Enjoy a meal with a view from the revolving restaurant in A'Dam Toren

Indeed, Moon is a revolving restaurant on the 19th floor of A'Dam Toren with stunning 360-degree views of the lively city below. The location itself is enough to intrigue locals and visitors, but combine the views with culinary geniuses as chefs and you have yourself a feast for the eyes and the tastebuds. Incorporating Dutch favorites like steak tartare along with imaginative twists on classics like scallop ceviche, every dish will leave you wondering what could possibly be next. Choose from a three, five, or eight-course meal and enjoy an evening above the city lights!

On the Rock - Best For Sunsets

On the Rock
The mouth watering cuisine at On The Rock

Located right on the edge of lake Westeinderplassen, On The Rock (formally known as Westeinder Paviljoen) is an ideal spot for a romantic sunset dinner. Named appropriately due to the rocky shoreline the restaurant sits upon, and their love of ‘on the rocks’ drinks, their open pavilion is a lovely place to spend a sunny afternoon or evening. Their fare leans towards French-inspired dishes with plenty of fresh seafood options, and once the sun has sunk beneath the horizon they’ll happily turn on their outside heaters so you can enjoy a nightcap as the stars begin to pop out.

Febo – Best For A Fast Food Fix

Febo, fast food, Amsterdam
Get your fast food fix from Febo, Amsterdam

Ok, we’ll admit, Febo isn’t really a restaurant, but a trip to Amsterdam wouldn’t be complete without giving this ‘food vending machine’ a try. If you find yourself hungry and next to one of the 27 Febo’s in Amsterdam, you can choose from a range of tasty options including their famous croquettes, hamburgers, and their mouth water ‘kaassouffle’, a fried cheese nugget! Purchasing is simple, choose your dish, pay with cash or card, and then the machine will unlock your specific panel so you can grab out your meal. Almost too easy!

The Butcher - Best For Burgers

The Butcher, Amsterdam
No words are required to describe the simply awesome burgers at The Butcher in Amsterdam (but imply awesome is pretty accurate!)

Arguably the best burger joint in Amsterdam, The Butcher will conquer all cravings for a delicious meaty feast. A ‘speakeasy’ type of venue with four locations around Amsterdam, every restaurant has a warm and welcoming atmosphere with a modern twist. Unlike many burger joints, their burgers aren’t just rushing across the chef’s grill. With gourmet ingredients and unique combinations, it’s easy to see why the tables are full any time of the day. Don’t forget to check out their cocktail menu as well.. rumor has it they may even be better than the burgers!

‘T Blauwe Theehuis - Best For Sitting In The Sun

‘T Blauwe Theehuis
Sit in the sun at ‘T Blauwe Theehuis, Vondelpark, Amterdam

A perfect spot to enjoy the sun, greenery, and people watching, ‘t Blauwe Theehuis is a quirky restaurant located in Vondelpark. Built back in 1937, the open-air restaurant features 2 circular floors and a circular roof that gives it an out-of-this-world flying saucer feel. The cold drinks go down almost too well as you breathe in the fresh air and take a break from the busy city! They even provide free lawn games and table tennis to really stretch out your relaxing day in the gardens. While their focus is more on craft beers and coffee, they do have a tasty snack menu to keep you going.

Hap-Hmm - Best For Budget Friendly Dutch Classics

Goulash from Hap Hmm Amsterdam
Classic Goulash with Garlic, onion, peppers, mushroom and a whole mountain of herbs

For mouth-watering traditional Dutch food without the price tag, Hap-Hmm is your spot. Everything from the 1930’s style décor and their hearty meat, vegetable, and potato classics bring locals and tourists alike back to a simpler time. The restaurant itself has a rich history, operating in the same location since 1935 and always having a focus on fresh, local ingredients, every patron will leave well-fed and looked after. Our must-try is their grootmoeders gehaktbal (grandmother's meatball) paired with their stoofperen (stewed pears) and appelmoes (apple sauce)!

The Cottage – Best For A Good Feast!

The Cottage, Amsterdam
Relax and unwind at The Cottage, Amsterdam

What’s a better way to end a busy week than enjoying a scrumptious Sunday roast? Summer or winter, you’ll love the cozy feel of this family-run British inspired restaurant – and the booths get more and more comfortable as you indulge in the traditional meat and potato feast served up every Sunday. The Cottage is located on the corner of Linnaeusstraat and Pretoriusstraat, you’ll certainly be back the next morning to enjoy a hot coffee and sample their freshly baked scones and homemade jam.

There’s a huge range of restaurants in Amsterdam, and there truly is something for everyone. Luckily, with the many parks and charming sidewalks, it’s easy to walk off your lunch while sightseeing,before preparing for the next delicious meal.

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