The 19 Best Beaches In Cozumel

February 11, 2021

Chilling on one of the many beaches in Cozumel is one of the most popular pastimes for all cruisers visiting Cozumel and with a huge variety of beaches and beach clubs dotted right down the coast it’s easy to see why. Crystal clear waters, a huge array of amenities and wall to wall sunshine make Cozumel a great destination, with a beach for everyone! If you're on a cruise to Cozumel, be sure to check out our ultimate Cozumel port guide for all the inside info

Cozumel Beaches Guide - Know Before You Go

Best beaches in Cozumel

Before you hit the beaches in Cozumel, there's a few things you need to keep in mind to ensure you enjoy a stress free beach day:

  • While Cozumel beaches are free to use, most beaches have beach clubs that will levy charges to use their facilities. This is quite common as the beach clubs offer more than just the beach. Some have waterparks, or swimming pools as well as the beach chairs and loungers. The cover charge includes all of these added extras. There will also be several additional paid options such as water sports, massages, fishing trips and even horseback riding! You may also find beaches where the bar or restaurant maintains the beach and provides some services, and will ask that you purchase a food or drink in order to use the beach.
  • Be prepared – of course you should bring water resistant sunscreen and plenty of water. Also consider beach shoes if you are going to be snorkelling or heading out into rocky waters. consider plasters, as well as any medication you might need.
  • Be wary of strong currents. All public beaches in Cozumel will have flags indicating whether it is safe to swim. A lot of the beaches, particularly the private beaches also have lifeguards. The currents around Cozumel can be strong in places, so do not head too far out if you aren’t familiar with the water, and always swim in sight of other people and a lifeguard as much as possible. The flag system will show you when it is safe to swim:
  • Green - Safe to swim

  • Yellow – Exercise caution

  • Red – Dangerous conditions

  • Black – Highest warning level. Do not swim

  • Take Cash – cards aren’t accepted everywhere in Cozumel so make sure you have enough cash for everything you need for the day, and to get you back to the cruise ship in time for departure!
  • Most beaches on the west of Cozumel (Leeward Side) are accessible by taxi in under 20 minutes and cost around $5 per person. Be sure to check the distance you are going, and ask for the fare before getting in. All taxis in Cozumel are required to carry rate cards which should be on display. You can also take an excursion from the cruise line which may be a good option if you want to head further afield or incorporate other activates into your day, but for the close-by beaches a DIY option is best.
  • The beaches on the west are the most popular an offer the most activities for tourists but will be the busiest. For a more relaxed or romantic day out, head over to the east for the best choice of secluded Cozumel beaches.

Playa Mia

Playa Mia, Cozumel

Playa Mia is also a great family beach, larger than Paradise Beach and is our top rated for water sports. Jet ski’s and paddle boards are available to hire. A taxi to Playa Mia costs around $5 per person each way and takes around 15 minutes

Dzul Ha (Money Bar Beach)

Dzul Ha (Money Bar Beach), Cozumel

This beach is one of the best on the island for snorkelling. You can rent snorkel gear from right on the beach if you don’t have your own. The money bar restaurant also features live music most evenings.

Playa Corona

Playa Corona, Cozumel

Playa Corona is great for snorkelling, with the Chankanaab reef located about 100 yards from the shore. As well as the usual fish and sea creatures that grace the water, you may also bump into a friendly barracuda on the beach! The Sand Dollar Sports Rental offers a good selection of snorkelling gear to rent or buy. There’s also a volleyball court and a very reasonably priced restaurant.

Mr Sanchos

Mr Sanchos, Cozumel

This is the largest private beach in Cozumel. There is no cover charge to use the beach, but you will probably need to book a package in advance in peak season. There are several paid options, including romance packages and water sports packages. As well as the usual beach activities. This beach features a wave runner and even horseback riding.

Buccanos Resort

Buccanos Resort, Cozumel

A great snorkel beach with a slow-moving current, making it great for kids and anyone not that confident in the water. The resort has lockers, and you can also opt for jet skiing, parasailing, and kayaking for an extra charge.

El Cielo

El Cielo, Cozumel

Another great snorkel beach, with great options right form the beach, or you can head out on an excursion to the sandbar about 1km out to sea. This is a great beach for spotting starfish and sting ray.

Playa Del San Martin

Playa Del San Martin, Cozumel

This is a beautiful, secluded beach over on the east coast of the island. There are no amenities at this beach so remember to take your own food and drink, or you can get a snack at the snack bar across the road. The water can be dangerous due to the strong currents so only head into the water when you see the green flags, and when lifeguards are on duty. The best way to get to Playa Del San Martin is in a rental car.

Punta Morena

Punta Morena, Cozumel

Another private beach, and one of the best Cozumel Beaches for a romantic getaway as it never gets too busy. A cover charge of $10 gets you onto the beach and you can order food and drinks directly from the restaurant.

Sunset Beach

Sunset Beach, Cozumel

A Snorkel adventure awaits at Sunset Beach, this is the closest true snorkel beach to the town and cruise piers. There is a real variety of fish thanks to the reef balls placed in the water. If you only have a short time this is the easiest option. The Sunset Beach Bar offers a choice of food and drink but expect it to be busy if there are a lot of ships in port.

Paradise Beach

Paradise Beach, Cozumel

This is out top pick for families, and one of the most popular beaches in Cozumel. Paradise beach boasts a HUGE waterpark, as well as trampolines, kayaks, stand up paddle boards and snorkelling. You can relax in the freshwater pool or enjoy a drink from the swim up bar. You can also get a massage or try parasailing. A taxi from the cruise pier takes around 15 minutes and should cost around $5 per person each way.

Nachi Cocom

Nachi Cocom, Cozumel

This is a great all-inclusive Cozumel Beach, with prices starting from $55, including a great lunch. While not ‘adult only’ Nachi Cocom doesn’t really cater for kids so has a more relaxing vibe than some of the larger beach clubs. The food and service are great, and they limit numbers to 130 every day, meaning it never gets too crowded.

Playa Chen Rio

Playa Chen Rio, Cozumel

This beach has a combination of sand and rocks, making it a great place to chill for the day, while enjoying a but of snorkelling. There is a small lagoon protected from the waves which is a great pace to chill.

El Mirador

El Mirador, Cozumel

This is a picturesque beach with some great rocks carved out of the sea, with some great blowholes providing amazing photo ops when the tide is high. There’s no swimming to be done here due to the strong currents, but a small stretch of beach offers a great spot to stop off and relax while out exploring the island.

Sky Reef

Sky Reef, Cozumel

This is close to the cruise port and San Miguel but is very rocky so while not a beach to sit and relax at, it’s great for snorkelling. It’s only 10 minutes from the cruise port by taxi and you don’t need to pay to use the beach. You can also access the Chankanaab reef from here and unwind at the Sky Reef Restaurant after a day in the water.

Playa Palancar

Playa Palancar, Cozumel

This is a free beach, but you will need to buy food and drinks from the restaurant to use the facilities. This is a great beach for relaxing, with beautiful white sand and palm trees for shade. You can opt for a massage or join a deep-sea fishing trip.

Punta Sur Eco Beach

Punta Sur Eco Beach, Cozumel

This eco beach is one of the most beautiful on the island, and you can opt for an excursion to include a hike around the walk through the park, visiting the crocodile lagoon. You can also visit Malo’s Point Lighthouse at the end of the beach. This beach is almost 30km from town though so make sure you have plenty of time.

Columbia Reef

Columbia Reef, Cozumel

Columbia Reef is a mixture of deep waters, great for diving and shallow areas for snorkelling. There’s some great coral as well as caves and tunnels which are great for experienced divers to explore.

Passion Beach

Passion Beach, Cozumel

This wins our award for the most instagrammable beach on the island. A real tropical paradise. Passion Beach (also known as Passion Island) is a private beach and can only be booked through an excursion with the cruise line of local tour operator. Isla Passion Beach is also the most popular wedding venue on Cozumel. It is around an hour from the cruise port, or you can take a catamaran across in around 45 minutes.

Playa Bonita

Playa Bonita, Cozumel

Another white sandy beach, with the bonus of a great restaurant. You can find Playa Bonita on Rancho Ixpalbarco. This is a secluded paradise so make sure you bring everything you’ll need. Renting a car is the best way to get out to Playa Bonita.

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