Our Top Ten Tapas in Madrid

February 02, 2021

If you are traveling in the gorgeous country of Spain, you cannot leave without first having some authentic tapas from a few different places. Tapas are small plates of food that can consist of anything from meats, cheese, bread, and seafood plates. Madrid without a doubt has some of the very best tapas in all of Spain. Let’s dive into our list of 10 of the very best tapas restaurants you can find in Madrid.

1. Vi Cool

Vi Cool Madrid

Kicking off our list is the restaurant Vi Cool. Vi Cool offers a wide variety of unique tapas in a trendy and unique atmosphere. The spin that the chefs at Vi Cool put on some classic dishes will have your mouth watering. You cannot go wrong ordering the tuna tartar or patatas bravas. Patatas bravas are a culinary staple in Spain, and the exceptional interpretation of this dish that Vi Cool has come up with will leave you wanting so much more. On top of everything being super delicious, the prices for tapas at Vi Cool are definitely fair, especially for the quality that you get.

2. Bodega de la Ardosa

Bodega de la Ardosa

Next up on our list is the wonderful and historic Bodega de la Ardosa, one of the best spanish restaurants in madrid. Bodega de la Ardosa has astonishingly been around for over a century! This is a classic and authentic restaurant to check out when you just need somewhere reliable and so very tasty. The antique décor and aged architecture creates such a charm that you will undoubtedly fall in love with. Make sure to try their salmorejo, which is a cold tomato soup with a savory flavor profile, and their flavorful croquetas. Bodega de la Ardosa is a trustworthy one-stop shop for all of your tapas cravings.

3. Mercado de la Cebada

Mercado de la Cebada

Mercado de la Cebada is a food-hall style location that dates all the way back to 1875! There are multiple floors to this market that have areas where you can stock up on fresh meat, produce, seafood, and various cheeses. Mercado de la Cebada is the place to go if you want phenomenal quality tapas without breaking the bank. You must try out the Spanish omelette and a few of their local beers that are served in small glasses. Mercado de la Cebada is not just a place to get tapas; it is truly a full-on experience.

4. La Gabinoteca

La Gabinoteca

La Gabinoteca is likely the most untraditional tapas restaurant that you will find on this list. La Gabinoteca wins in the category of being quite the unique destination spot, all while having incredible cuisine to feast on. If you are planning on doing a night with more jumping around from tapas bar to tapas bar, you should probably save La Gabinoteca for a different time. The portions and presentations of the dishes here will leave you in absolute awe. You cannot leave without first trying their incredible take on razor clams-one taste and you are guaranteed to be hooked.

5. La Castela

La Castela

La Castela is up next on our list, which resides in an early 1900s tavern in Madrid. La Castela is an award-winning tapas tavern, and they have succeeded in finding the perfect balance of modern design and cuisine, all while keeping the tradition and originality of this establishment and the tapas they serve alive. You cannot go wrong when ordering at La Castela, but you would be remiss to leave without first trying their fresh cod with tomatoes dish. Pair your meal with an exquisite wine from the extensive list they offer, and you are more than set.

6. Entre Cáceres y Badajoz

Entre Cáceres y Badajoz

Entre Cáceres y Badajoz is a no-frills spot that gives you the authentic tapas bar experience you should have at least once while in Madrid. The prices cannot be beat, and the food and drink will leave you beyond impressed. You will even get a free tapa when you order a drink! Entre Cáceres y Badajoz is typically pretty busy and also a favorite among locals, but the staff will always find a way to make sure you get seated and fed. When here, try out any of their seafood dishes as you gaze out at the bustling streets of Madrid.

7. Mercado de San Miguel

Mercado de San Miguel

The next spot on our list goes to Mercado de San Miguel. This is a bit more of a tourist spot, but it is nonetheless spectacular. This is a market-style location will undoubtedly catch your eye with its massive size and iron architecture. Stock up on all the fresh meat and seafood that your heart desires while at Mercado de San Miguel while also getting your fill of authentic and delicious tapas. Mercado de San Miguel has some of the freshest Iberian ham that you will have the opportunity to try, as well as delectable Manchego cheese that goes impeccably with a smooth red wine.

8. Lateral


Lateral is a trendy tapas bar that happens to have a few establishments scattered throughout Madrid, and they pride themselves in providing a comfortable atmosphere and an attentive staff. Lateral has a very modern feel to it due to the interior design, and their menu is full of authentic Spanish tapas that have exciting flavor profiles. When at Lateral, you will want to order their mouth-watering fried artichokes, truffled Spanish omelette, steak with caramelized onions, and their ham croquetas. Lateral is the definition of reliable as well as beyond flavorful.

9. Taberna Tempranillo

Taberna Tempranillo

You will find Taberna Tempranillo on almost any list of the best tapas restaurants that you can find in all of Madrid. This spot is situated on one of the busiest streets of Madrid and is quite popular, and it consistently fills up quickly on the weekends. Make sure to arrive here early enough to secure a good seat. The pinchos at Taberna Tempranillo, which are plates of bread with various and delectable toppings, are beyond marvelous. All of the wine served at Taberna Tempranillo is from Spain as well, so maybe try a couple variations and see which ones your palate enjoys the most.

10. La Venencia

La Venencia

Last, but certainly not least, we have the wonderful La Venencia on our list of the best places you can find tapas in Madrid. La Venencia is a bit more of a secluded gem within Madrid, which makes it perfect if you want to get away from some of the busy streets and crowds. La Venencia has been around for quite some time and was even one of Ernest Hemingway’s favorite spots in this city. Order their creamy and tangy Manchego cheese and their mojama-which is a cured tuna dish. You can feel and taste the remarkable history within La Venencia.

In a city with so much culture and so many flavors just waiting to be experienced, it is not always easy to narrow it down. You are guaranteed to feel at one with your surroundings at any of the above-mentioned locations, so bring your appetite and eat your way through marvelous Madrid.

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