Top 10 Things To Do In Bath With Kids

January 15, 2021

Ye olde city of Bath is a place of amazing culture, incredible history and beautiful buildings. The city, located in the South West of England, is steeped in history and still retains the stunning Georgian architecture. Named after the hot springs which soothed the aching muscles of Romans, Bath is famous for spas and baths. The city is a beautiful place to explore and is very easy to navigate on foot. It is also in a perfect location for exploring the magnificent Somerset countryside and visit the famous Stonehenge. The entire city is a world heritage site and you will be spoilt for things to do in Bath. Bath is a city with plenty to do for all the family so you can be assured that the little ones will be entertained and educated during a visit.

Cruise the River Avon

River Avon

Surrounding the city of Bath is a collection of beautiful waterways with the River Avon running right through the city. The area is popular for canal boats with many enjoying weekends on the water but also a great spot to enjoy a river tour. The majority of cruises pass under the historic Pulteney Bridge and a wealth of wildlife can be spotted on the journey. Tours often travel from Bath to the village of Bathampton whilst you enjoy the scenery of both the city and countryside along the way.

See the animals at Bath City Farm

Bath City Farm

A short distance from the city centre, Bath City Farm is a lovely community of farmyard animals. The farm is home to a variety of farm animals which can be interacted with through feeding and petting. The farm is set over 37 acres and offers magnificent views over the city of Bath. Bath City Farm is also a farm with a cause as the farm supports disadvantaged individuals with training, education and therapeutic activities.

Explore the Roman Baths

Roman Baths

The city of Bath is most famous for the Roman Baths and is named as such. Almost 2000 years ago, the Roman's established Bath after harnessing the geothermal water from underground to create spas for public bathing and socialising. The most famous of the baths, 'The Roman Baths', is the main tourist attraction in the city and one of the best-preserved Roman remains in the world. Whilst you can no longer take a dip, the Roman Baths are a great place to learn of the history of the baths, explore the sacred spring and admire the architecture.

Get crafty at The Makery

The Makery

The Makery is a creative venue in the heart of Bath which offers workshops and sessions for all ages to explore creativity and get crafty. The creative hub is a great venue to learn new skills whilst exploring your crafty side. Kids can get messy making unicorns, t-shirts, superhero capes and much more whilst adults can learn to sew or knit amongst other skills.

Admire Royal Crescent

Royal Crescent

The Georgian architecture is the main thing which makes Bath so beautiful as the majority of the buildings in the city were built over 250 years ago. The Royal Crescent is said to be one of the best Georgian buildings in the country and one of the greatest examples of Georgian architecture in the UK. A crescent-shaped row of stunning Grade I Listed terraced houses are arranged around a manicured lawn which overlooks Royal Victoria Park, a great spot for a family picnic. A popular spot for Insta-worthy photos, The Royal Crescent is one of Bath's most iconic, architectural landmarks. There is also a fun trail for kids inside the museum at No.1 Royal Crescent.

Dine at the oldest house in Bath

Sally Lunn bun

Built in 1482, the oldest house in Bath is home to the famous Sally Lunn bun. The tea room and restaurant of Sally Lunn's offer a bread/cake hybrid made from a secret recipe passed on with the deeds of the house which many worldwide have failed to replicate. The Sally Lunn Bun is a delicacy in Bath and a food item that many flock to the doors of the tea room to get their hands on. Sally Lunn's also features a kitchen museum which is the actual kitchen the bun was created in during the Georgian era. There is also a Treasure Trail allowing kids to get involved in a spy mission looking for the key to deactivate exploding raisins in Sally Lunn buns.

Dress up at Bath's Fashion Museum

Fashion Museum

In the 1960's, British designer Doris Langley Moore opened 'The Museum of Costume' to showcase her fine collection of costumes. Over the years, the museum has gradually transformed into Fashion Museum Bath, a much-loved museum which documents the evolution of British fashion. The museum features everything from Georgian silk to Nike with a wide variety of fabrics and colours. The museum tells an informative and fascinating history of the last 100 years of fashion. The museum also offers all ages the chance to dress up in Victorian and Georgian costume before taking a memorable photograph.

Enjoy the Bath skyline

Bath skyline

Bath is one of the UK's most picturesque cities with stunning views and scenery. The best way to take in the vision of Bath, however, is from above. The National Trust's Prior Park offers a stunning country walk named 'Bath Skyline' located on the outskirts of the city. The highest point overlooks the historic city and offers breathtaking views. The walking trail is gentle and the area also offers castle walls for the kids to run around as well as a playground.

Watch a play at The Egg

The Egg

Theatre is well-loved in Bath and the city is home to The Egg Theatre, an egg-shaped performance venue specifically for children. The Egg is an intimate venue which hosts a variety of plays and shows catered to a younger audience. The live performances are aimed at a variety of ages and offer entertainment, interaction and education. Performances vary throughout the year and are performed every Saturday with additional shows throughout school holidays.

Appreciate art at The Holburne Museum

The Holburne Museum

The Holburne Museum is the home of Sir William Holburne's impressive art collection. Whilst in the Navy, Sir William Holburne travelled the oceans and collected rare art pieces from across the world. The gallery is located in a stunning Grade I Listed building and features fine and decorative art. Alongside the collection, the museum also houses other work from the area including sixteen-century carvings and Georgian oil paintings. Sir Holburne is also honoured with a display of his passport of many adventures and medals awarded for bravery in the Battle of Trafalgar. The museum also offers a great programme of art and craft workshops for children as well as having incredible grounds for the kids to run wild.

This stunning and historic city is an architectural wonder to discover with a wide variety of Georgian houses and buildings. Surrounded by the lush Somerset countryside, Bath offers stunning landscapes and beautiful places to explore. As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the city offers incredible ruins, monuments and museums to visit and provides an exciting, cultural centre. With a wide variety of things to do, Bath is a unique and interesting city to explore, one which is full of authentic British heritage and tradition to educate as well as entertain the little ones.

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