The 12 Best Things To Do In Alcudia This Year

February 28, 2021

The Balearics, a collection of Spanish islands off the coast of mainland Spain, are home to incredible weather, stunning beaches and a huge catalogue of activities. This archipelago has three large islands which are very popular vacation destinations with a number of smaller islands in between. Whilst Ibiza and Menorca are equally popular to visit, the largest island is Mallorca with Palma de Mallorca the capital city of both Mallorca and the Balearic Islands. With a Mediterranean climate and a lot of variety to offer, Mallorca is a beautiful destination suitable for all the family. The island has so much diversity with a lot to explore and experience with Alcudia in the North one of the main tourist hubs. From exploring the old town and port to relaxing on Playa de Muro beach or a boat trip around the coast, we've put together our 10 favourite things to do in Alcudia.

Relax on Alcudia Beach

El Playero

One of the most popular things to do in Alcudia is to simply rela on the beach! The palm-lined Alcudia Beach offers golden sands which stretch for 9km from Puerto Alcudia to Playa de Muro. The beach is the main beach for the resort of Alcudia and is a great location to enjoy both watersports and sunbathing. With a beach of such a size, it is very easy to find a quiet spot to relax away from any crowds.

Make sure you stop off at El Playero, a great bar right on the beach with fantastic views right out to sea. Relax with a morning coffee or drop by in the evening to enjoy a cocktail while watching the sunset.

Discover the Roman city of Pollentia

Pollentia was a Roman city in the North of Mallorca where the ruins of the town and its theatre remain today. Located outside of the historic quarter of Alcudia, Pollentia was the most important Roman city in the Balearics. Excavations of the area are still in progress today but there are three areas open to the public as well as a museum detailing the area's history in addition to showcasing many of the ancient artefacts found at the site. Pollentia is one of the top attractions in Mallorca, so is well worth a visit if you get a chance. You'll find many tour companies offering day trips that incorporate Pollentia into the itinerary.

Enjoy a day trip to Palma

Palma Mallorca

Palma de Mallorca is one of the most beautiful cities with incredible culture combined with a modern twist, it is an amazing place to visit. Less than an hour from Alcudia, Palma de Mallorca is a great place to enjoy a day trip away from the Alcudia resort. The best view in the city is of the cathedral, with the sun in the background and fountains in the foreground, it is such a picturesque location. After admiring the view, a turn on your heels will show you the harbour Palma Bay which is also known as Millionaires Marina. With boats of all shapes and sizes including cruise ships along this mile- long stretch, the harbour is a stunning location to kick back and observe the Meditteranean. The main city centre is full of historic buildings, flowing fountains and an array of shops. You can find everything from designer stores, high street shops, cute gift hideaways and market stalls.

Spend the day at the water park

Hidro Park, Alcudia

Great for families and kids (or adults who are young at heart), the Hidropark is a great day out. As well as the water slides and pools, the water park also has a bar, and numerous restaurant and dining options including the 'Grill Master' where you can get great barbecue options. The park also has a great minigolf course. The 40,000 square metre park is in the port of Alcudia, just minutes from the town centre, and is the only water park in the on the north of Mallorca.

Explore Alcudia Old Town

Explore Alcudia Old Town

Alcudia Old Town is a part of Alcudia, just outside of the main resort, which is the original medieval town of Alcudia. The town offers a representation of traditional Mallorcan life and is set within ancient fort walls. The Old Town offers an abundance of incredible cafes, restaurants and shops all with an authentic Mallorcan vibe. The Old Town is also the location of the weekly market in the area and you can also join a two-hour guided tour discovering the most important places in this historic quarter of Alcudia.

Visit the Cerveceria

Cerveceria Alcudia

This micro-brewery offers some great ales and a relaxed atmosphere. Set back from the street on Calle Cisterna, head through to the courtyard where you will be warmly welcomed. Choose from their range of beers or try them all. They also offer tours of the small brewery if they aren't too busy. The Cerveceria is usually open on Friday evenings, (but not always, so you'll just need to pop over and see). If they aren't open, you can also try their range of beers at Ca's Capellá just down the road.

There are alot of things to do in Alcudia, and this is just the tip of the iceberg! Every inch of Mallorca is just waiting to be explored and the island has something to offer everyone. Whether you're as a backpacker, a family or a couple, staying in Alcudia is full of both adventure and relaxation.

Horse ride at Rancho Grande

Rancho Grande

The largest ranch on the island, Rancho Grande is a fantastic evening out. The ranch boasts a farm that you can explore upon arrival before a sunset horse ride through the woods. If horses are not your thing, there is also the option of riding along on the sangria wagon where you will enjoy a singalong and a few drinks. Once you have explored and enjoyed your ride, it is time to return to the ranch for a BBQ and some of the most beautiful food. Once you are full of tasty grub, you are treated to another sing-song, a bit of line dancing and also a performance by some dancing horses. If you’re looking for an evening that is a bit different, Rancho is a perfect evening out.

Hit the town on a night out

Nights out in Alcudia

Alcudia comes alive at night time, with thousands of tourists looking to unwind and have a good time, you can choose from the bars and restaurants lining the promenade and the port area, or head to one of the clubs in town. For a lively night, you want to head to Bananas Disco complex or down to the Marina, or try Goodfellas music bar and Mucky OMarras.

Cruise along the beautiful coastline

Alcudia Sea Trips

Mallorca offers a stunning coastline with beautiful turquoise waters lapping again golden beaches with incredible backdrops. Boat trips and are very popular as they are a great way to enjoy the beauty Mallorca has to offer in a relaxing environment. Around the bay of Alcudia, there are many coves and caves to explore as well as an abundance of sealife which can be appreciated on either glass-bottom boats or a dolphin-watching excursion. Whilst there are many operators and many excursions available, any day at sea around Alcudia will not disappoint.

Taste the most delcious tapas at Bodega d’Es Port

Bodega es Port

The most incredible food you will find across Mallorca is in Puerto Alcudia. Whilst you can order a meal, ordering tapas is a great way to enjoy a selection of the delicacies on offer including juicy meatballs, scrumptious garlic prawns and beautiful chorizo. Whilst the restaurant is a little on the pricey side, it is worth every cent and a great way to enjoy both Mallorcan and Spanish cuisine.

Watch the sunset in Formentor


Just a short drive from Alcudia, Formentor is the most Northern part of Mallorca and perfect to watch the sunrise or the sunset. A gorgeous pebble stone beach with crystal clear waters, the sun breaks and dies over the cliffs with sunrise the best time to watch. The sky is a stunning array of colours and the landscape is breathtaking. However, Formentor is stunning regardless of the time of day and a great place to enjoy a mindful moment.

Haggle at Alcudia Market

Alcudia Market

After the biggest and most famous market on the island in Sineu, Alcudia is the second largest and is the place for absolutely everything. Including bags, juicy fruit, clothing and fresh pastries, you can expect to find everything you could possibly want to buy every Sunday morning in Alcudia. Everything on offer is local which means the food is fresh and the souvenirs unique to Mallorca. The locals love to haggle so make sure you negotiate for the best price.

Be adventurous and experience caving


There are many ways to experience caving in Alcudia with the most popular trip called 'The Challenge'. The first stage of The Challenge is kayaking to the cave before entering through a small space and exploring the cave. The further you travel through the cave, the deeper the water gets until you reach a beautiful open space lit by small blue lights. Exiting the cave involves navigating down a small tunnel in complete darkness with only the walls as a guide until the tunnel eventually bringsyou out into the sea. Caving is an adventure, an exploration and a great way to enjoy the islands natural beauty in an adrenalin-fueled day.

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